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• 2/3/2018

My Feelings of Your Name

I am that type of guy that believes in true love... Because there aren´t many of good guys in this world. Everybody is cheating on each other or do bad thing to each other and me ?... I am just waiting for that one girl... She is from England and I am from Czech Republic and I felt that instant bond with her when I met her, like I knew her all my life. I had a problem with depression well... still have, but she is the one person that can bring a smile on my face. When I have a chance to see her through webcam we always smile... I love her smile it brings joy to my life. She will come to Czech Republic and stay here in the summer I am so excited. That´s why I love this Anime Film... It got me right in a heart and I honestly was speechless. That film made me hopeful that someday this pain I have inside of me will end and I am going to have a good life :)... I don´t think that anyone will notice this comment... well in case you do... Thank you for having a time for me.
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• 2/24/2018
Wow bro you're so lucky for finding true love, i can only imagine how special this movie must be for u...
• 3/16/2018
You could meet somewhere in between? Germany?

I want to visit Prague... I have a college friend who lives there.
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