Itomori impact event in 2013.

The Itomori impact event, formally known as "Itomori disaster", refers to the fall and crash of a piece of Comet Tiamat happened at 8:42 pm on October 4, 2013 in Itomori.

Background Edit

Comet Tiamat has an orbital period of 1,200 years. For some reasons, every time the comet approaches Earth, a piece of itself always mysteriously break out and crash somewhere around the area that would become Itomori. In the last time it crashed cir. the 9th century, its crater formed Lake Itomori.

Because of this, Itomori inhabitants developed a traditional ritual that reminds and warns future generations of the upcoming crashes. Unfortunately, a fire happened 1,000 years after the first impact destroyed all documents of its meaning, leaving its modern inhabitants clueless of the foreseen disaster.

The impact Edit

As it was 120,000 km away from Earth, Comet Tiamat broke out, with a 40-meter piece of its core fell to Earth at 30 km/s, hitting Itomori shrine at 8:42 pm. Its impact created a crater 1 km in diameter, with its shockwave spread as far as 5 km, caused an earthquake measuring 4.8 on Richter scale.[1]

Original timeline Edit

As people were unaware of the upcoming disaster, they gathered at the autumn festival. Therefore, the impact caused massive casualties, a third of the population, including Mitsuha Miyamizu. Only about 1,000 people in the southern area were alive after the event.

Alternate timeline Edit

Thanks to the plan of future Taki Tachibana, and the order of the convinced mayor of Itomori Toshiki Miyamizu, all Itomori inhabitants were safely evacuated to the high school grounds, with only 104 people injured.

Aftermath Edit

In both timelines, the town was eventually abandoned, as some of its citizens moved to other places. Although nobody died in the new timeline, the event is still considered a major disaster continued to be commemorated even 8 years later.

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