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Rob5688 Rob5688 29 May 2019


idk what to announce

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Maokrishna Maokrishna 9 June 2018


こんにちは! Welcome to my profile message me at message wall.

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1317November 1317November 13 November 2017

I am a cat

i am a cat that goes by many N names including Neville, November Nile and Nixon.

I am here to discover the activities and likings of the human race and right now it seems pretty interesting.

There are also other cats working for me gather information

meow meow mew mao meow

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Spirith1234 Spirith1234 8 January 2017

Kimi no na wa related to me

Someone please help me I had this dream of this girl who's living With me in some sort of another reality been dreaming about her last year for a month and didn't realize it but when I saw kimi no na wa it's related to me I only get to see her in my dream I don't know who is she in the real world and also I don't even know her name all I know is she's connected to me in that dream world or in another word my other reality. There is not much to describe about her all I know is he has long hair the last time I saw her she was wearing a red dress and her beautiful smile I hope I could find her and ask her what is her name as well. Mostly the people that I told thinks that I'm lying but I have swear to god that this is the truth I'm not beggin…

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Гинтоки-сама Гинтоки-сама 15 July 2016


СакатаГинтоки  Јорозуја

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