The film includes many Easter Eggs.

The Garden of Words filmEdit

There are some refers to Makoto Shinkai's previous movie, The Garden of Words:

Yukari YukinoEdit

Yukari Yukino, the female protagonist in that movie, made a cameo in your name. as Itomori High School's Japanese literature teacher.

Leaves of Words café Edit

The café that Taki and his classmates usually hang out is named "Leaves of Words", an alternative way to translate The Garden of Words to English.

Il giardino delle parole restaurantEdit

The Italian restaurant that Taki worked at is named "Il giardino delle parole". This is the Italian translation of the title of the movie. Makoto Shinkai claimed that this easter egg wasn't added by him, but by one of the environment artists.[1]

Takao AkizukiEdit

Takao Akizuki, the male protagonist in that movie, made a very brief cameo near the end of the film. This easter egg was first revealed by Makoto Shinkai himself on January 3, 2018 as your name. was broadcasted on TV Asahi for the first time.

Teshigawara and Saya Edit

In Makoto Shinkai's novel version of The Garden of Words, there was a pair of friends named Saya and Teshigaware. It appears that Makoto Shinkai reused those names in this movie.

Taki's English NotesEdit

When Mitsuha met the younger Taki on the train, he was reading an English note that writes "I'm looking for my counterpart", fitting the situation.

Z-Kai advertisementsEdit

As Cross Road, Makoto Shinkai's animated commercial for the educational service Z-Kai, was the origin of Your Name, name of the service popped up randomly through the film.

Hyouka's real-life locations' presentationEdit

On his journey for Mitsuha's town, Taki was looking at a map of Gifu. The presentation of attractions on the right of the map was taken from a real-life map for the anime Hyouka.


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