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Listen! 200 years ago... Sandal maker Mayugoro's bathroom caught on fire and burned down this whole area. The shrine and old documents were destroyed.

Hitoha Miyamizu

Great Fire of Mayugoro was a fire that happened in Itomori 200 years before, cir. the 19th century.


The fire started from the bathroom of shoemaker Mayugoro Yamazaki and spread to the entire town.


While casualties are unknown, the fire destroyed the shrine of Itomori, and all documents of its tradition.


As the meaning of its ritual tradition was lost in the fire, Itomori habitants became clueless of the foreseen disaster that would eventually happen in 2013, killing 1/3 of its people in the original timeline.

Yamazaki Mayugoro are still infamous even 200 years later, as the fire was named after him.