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Jingu High School

Jingu High School (神宮高校 Jingū Kōkō) is a senior high school located in and serving the Shinjuku, Tokyo area. Taki, Tsukasa, and Shinta attended here in 2016.


The school's outline

Jingu is a very bright and airy building, as it comes with glass windows, glass roofs and glass balustrades, allowing the sun to shine most of the building. The school has 5 stories, with an accessible netted rooftop which acts like a playground for students to use their lunch or play sports after classes.

Taki's class seems to lie in the second story. Classrooms in this part of the school open to a corridor that can look down on a common area in the center.


Uniform of this high school consists of a white dress shirt featuring the school's logo with green cuffs and a striped green tie. Male students wear dark gray pants while the girls wear a black skirt. Students seem to have to wear green socks and loafers as well.

The uniform also includes a dark blue jacket, which also has the school logo and seems to be worn only on occasions like the exam days.

Real-life location

While the school is fictional, it is likely based on the Aoyama High School (青山高校 Aoyama Kōkō), whose coordinates are 35°40'21.9"N 139°42'58.5"E.

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