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Kimi no Na wa. Manga Volume 2
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Kanji (きみ)()は。2
Rōmaji Kimi no Na wa. 2
English your name. 2
Type Manga
Pages 176
Chapters 3
Release Date(s) December 23, 2016 (JP)
ISBN 978-4-0406-8591-5
November 21, 2017 (EN)
ISBN 978-0-3164-1288-9
Publisher(s) Kadokawa (JP)
Yen Press (EN)
Cover Character(s) Taki Tachibana, Miki Okudera, Tsukasa Fujii, Mitsuha Miyamizu
Author(s) Makoto Shinkai
Artist(s) Ranmaru Kotone
Other(s) Taylor Engel (translation)
Abigail Blackman (lettering)
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Volume 1 Volume 3

The second manga volume of Kimi no Na wa. ((きみ)()は。) was published on December 23, 2016, in Japan under Kadokawa, and on June 20, 2017, in English under Yen Press.


The Never Should Have Met…

The comet's arrival is imminent, and Taki puts his plan into action to save Mitsuha and the people he has come to care for during his time in her body. Convincing a whole town of skeptics that the sky is falling with take some doing—and a little delinquency—but if Taki wants any hope of a future with Mitsuha, they will have to save the town in the here and now…!


Japan. The country eagerly anticipated the arrival of Comet Tiamat, which would be visible for the first time in a thousand years. Mitsuha, a high school girl living in a rural town deep in the mountains, found herself feeling down most of the time. The causes: her father's mayoral campaign and the ancient customs of her family's shrine. Because the town was small and cramped, and because she was old enough to be painfully conscious of the eyes of those around her, her long for the big city grew and grew.

"Make me a hot guy in Tokyo in my next life, pleeease!!!"

One day, she dreamed about becoming a boy. An unfamiliar room, friends she didn't know, and the streets of Tokyo opened out before her. Although Mitsuha was bewildered, she'd wanted a life in the city more than anything in the world, and she enjoyed it to the fullest.

Meanwhile, Taki, a high school boy, who lived in Tokyo, was also having strange dreams. He'd become a high school girl in a town he'd never been to before, deep in the mountains.

The mysterious dreams happened again and again. They were also clearly missing memories and time. At last the two of them caught on:

"We're switching!?"

Although Taki and Mitsuha were bewildered that they were repeatedly swapping each other's bodies and lives, little by little they accepted the reality. They coped with the situation as best they could, sometimes squabbling through notes they left for each other, sometimes enjoying the other's life. However, just when they'd grown comfortable around each other, the switching abruptly stopped…

A meeting between a girl and boy who'd never meet The gears of fate begin to move.

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