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Yukino Yukari
Yukari Yukino.png
Kanji 雪野 百香里
Rōmaji Yukino Yukari
Gender Female
Age 27
Birthday February 27, 1986 (Pisces)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 166 cm
Blood Type O
Personal Status
Occupation Teacher
Voice Actors
Japanese Kana Hanazawa
English Katy Vaughn
Film Kimi no Na wa.

Yukari Yukino (雪野 百香里 Yukino Yukari) is a minor character of the Kimi no Na wa. film. She serves as Mitsuha's, Tessie's, and Sayaka's Japanese literature teacher in Itomori High School. An alternative version of her is the female protagonist of The Garden of Words, another feature by the director of Kimi no Na wa., Makoto Shinkai.


Yukino is a 27-year old woman with short dark brown hair styled into a bob and brown eyes. She wears her standard teaching attire in school.


In 2013, Yukari Yukino was teaching in Mitsuha Miyamizu's school, and was her Japanese literature teacher, giving her a lesson of the meaning of "Katwaredoki".

In an alternate timeline created by Taki Tachibana, she was one of the teachers who caught Sayaka during her broadcast, and later witnessed the fall of Comet Tiamat.

Appearances in other media

Yukari Yukino in The Garden of Words

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The Garden of Words

Miss Yukino was the protagonist in The Garden of Words. In that film, her hometown is located in Imabari, Ehime, instead of Itomori.


  • The name Yukari means "hundred" (百) (yu), "fragrance, fragrant" (香) (ka) and "village" (里) (ri).
  • Yukari's surname Yukino means "snow" (雪) (yuki) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).

Behind the scenes

  • In an interview, Makoto Shinkai first joked that he added the character back so he can meet her voice actress, Kana Hanazawa, again, then said that this is fanservice for his fans from previous films.[1]


  • It is possible that she survived the 2013 Itomori impact event even in the original timeline, as she was seen wearing her normal clothes, instead of a kimono, which means she didn't plan to go to the festival but instead stayed at the school, outside of the impact area.



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